ADInstruments Heroes Campaign
ADInstruments Bailey

ADInstruments Heroes Campaign

ADInstruments has built its reputation on developing clever technology in a very specific field: data acquisition for life sciences. The majority of their customers are research scientists or educators.

ADI products are used by international researchers, conducting experiments which contribute to solving some of the world’s most important health issues such as cancer, cardiovascular disease. and diabetes.

Workshopping meaning

Walsh & Beck were asked to assist with a new campaign initiative in August 2014. Our team conducted a brand workshop with ADI’s marketing team to establish the strategic direction for the campaign. The workshop was designed to:

  • Define the objectives for the campaign.
  • Review customer insights.
  • Define the market.
  • Consider market behaviour.
  • Review marketing channels.
  • Define the roles of the sales and marketing team.
ADInstruments advert Bailey
ADInstruments advert

What makes a hero?

The ‘Heroes’ campaign came out of efforts to understand how to communicate the ADI brand to their markets. Our approach was to tell the authentic customer stories. Our starting point was how to ensure that the customer was the ‘Hero’, rather than the product or the company. Additionally, how we would tell the story of ADI supporting great science and great scientists as a secondary message without taking away from the customer focus.Working with ADI we reviewed international examples of customer led storytelling and the executions that supported this approach. We looked at all the attributes that make a hero: inspirational, selfless, motivated, driven, go the extra mile, they give their talents to others, real, providing hope, and doing things that others can’t, or won’t.

The first hero, selected based on the recommendation of the workshop, was Aucklander Dr Tony Hickey, a comparative physiologist redefining medical practice. Dr Hickey conducts research on marine species to understand how they deal with hypoxia and then applies that understanding to stroke and organ transplant. Dr Hickey was filmed and photographed by the Walsh & Beck team in late 2014.

The second hero was Professor Damian Bailey, Director of the Research Institute of Science and Health Neurovascular Research Laboratory at the University of South Wales. The creative team of Paula Hellyer and Alex Lovell-Smith traveled to Wales in June 2015 to film and photograph Prof Bailey.

By choosing heroes from various areas of science ADI have strengthened their position in specific market sectors. They have proven respected scientists in the field are using ADI equipment to make new discoveries.

Collaborative approach

Walsh & Beck managed the creative direction of both the photography and filming of the first two heroes. We developed primary copy and creative direction. Graphic design and media placement was undertaken by the ADI team but informed by the campaign strategy prepared in August 2014. Placement of the campaign has been undertaken by ADI’s internal team and has included:

•   Events: Design collateral for Experimental Biology Conference 2015, Boston.
•   Digital: Website development, YouTube, blog development, social media, see
•   Print: Trade publication and industry journals
•   PR and Communications: Media coverage of the campaign nationally

Positive outcomes

The Heroes campaign has been in market for three months with measurable results are still being collated, with anecdotal evidence suggesting it has been positively received. ADI have been approached on numerous occasions by researchers and scientists looking to be the next hero.