Best ad campaigns of 2019

The Most Influential Ad Campaigns of 2019

When it comes to advertising or digital marketing, everybody wants to make an impact, but what does it actually take in order to create marketing that really influences people?

We took a look at some of the most influential ad campaigns that have been released in 2019, to see if we could pinpoint what makes a campaign impactful. You’ll notice that there is a theme and a thread that runs through all of them and that is emotion. Like any effective marketing campaign, you need to be able to connect with your audience and emotion is one of the best ways to do just that. 

Let’s take a look at these campaigns and start to look at how they use emotion to target their audience.  

Thinx – MENstruation 

Thinx are a relatively new brand that produces period proof underwear. In a world where everyone is searching for more Eco friendly and sustainable solutions to everyday obstacles, Thinx has fast gained popularity amongst women around the world. 

When you take a look at Thinx values, you’ll see that one of their strongest brand values is normalising sexual health and supporting reproductive rights. With that in mind, the MENstruation campaign fits in perfectly with the rest of the brands marketing and branding. 

This video avoids directly marketing or selling Thinx products, instead it chooses to focus on its core value and message. The MENstruation ad helps Thinx target audience think more about what the world would look like if men and women had to deal with the same ‘embarrassing’ issues. This not only gives people a different perspective on the situation, but it promotes an emotional reaction from its audience. 

Key takeaways: Change the perspective or use a visual metaphor to help your audience to fully understand your message. 

On – Superfrau 

On are another brand with a strong social ethos, with their focus on how fitness affects your well being, how it can lead to adventure and how it can improve other areas of your life. 

The brand has designated athletes of all different ages from all around the world. On wants to create products that allow you to live life to the fullest and achieve incredible things, which is where Superfrau comes into play. 

Superfrau focuses on triathlete Nicola Spirig and how she balances her work, family life and sport. The film aims to show how you can have it all, be whoever you choose to be and in particular, how a woman can be a mother and a world renowned athlete. 

This campaign targets the audience’ aspirations, they understand that the people that buy On products are adventurous and risk takers, but also have normal lives to balance. They use athletes like Nicola, to represent their customers, they want people watching this short film, to be able to put themselves in Nicola’s shoes (pardon the pun). 

Key takeaways: Use a representative or brand ambassador to help create a person to person connection. It is often easier to connect to another human that a general idea or concept. 

River Island – #ThisIsFamily

In a bid to represent the ‘modern family’, River Island set about creating an ad campaign that showcased various types of families. The campaign ran across print and digital, with short films created to better illustrate the point that family doesn’t always have to be about blood relations. 

The ads covered issues such as adoption, LGBTQ+ couples and families, different generations of the same families, mixed race families and disabilities.

The inspiration behind this was that River Island started as a family business, and so they wanted to show how that influence still remained strong within the brand values. River Island has expanded over the last few years and now offer clothing for all ages and genders, this campaign aimed to show this diversity.     

Key takeaways: Think outside the box. Think about your product and what it stands for, how else could you visually represent this? Think about what types of media you would use or use multiple platforms. 

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